Do you have a live event party or corporate event you need captured on video? What about a video to spruce up your website? We can help. We're happy to work with you at any venue to capture your event. REQUEST A QUOTE today to book us for your next live event or party!

Have you had you video shot but don't have anyone to edit it? We can help. We're happy to work with you on editing your video. REQUEST A QUOTE today and we will get to working on your video!

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Trussell Media is a media marketing company, specializing in wedding photography and wedding cinematography (videography). Troy is a cinematographer specializing in wedding films, graphic design and web design. Hannah is a wedding photographer and designer. Together they make up Trussell Media. T | M also creates graphics for their clients such as: motion graphics, logo design, print design, web design and more. T | M is based in Wichita, Kansas and works with clients in other states as well. T | M have produced wedding photography and wedding video in Kansas, Florida, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.