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Troy & Hannah Trussell

We are Troy and Hannah Trussell, the husband and wife team that makes up Trussell Media. This video shares a little bit about what we love about shooting weddings and who we are as people.


If you think we'd do a great job for you at your wedding, please contact us. Whether you're looking for photography or videography or both on your wedding day, we'd love to meet you and talk about your special day.


We love capturing the emotion through photography and telling the beautiful stories that are created on the wedding day through video. If you're getting married soon, we'd love to shoot it!

Troy Trussell


Hey there! I'm Troy. I love being behind the camera whether I'm telling the story of a beautiful couples engagement or wedding day, or on a corporate job site filming a training video or 'how to' video.


I figure if we're going to work together you might want to know a little about me. So here goes! I am married to my beautiful wife Hannah and we have 4, yes 4, wonderful little kids. They're wild banshees most days, but we love every minute of it. Hannah's pretty much a superwoman in human form.


My favorite movie is Star Wars...Episode 4, to be exact. I'm also liking what they're doing with the new episodes. Most old school fans are dogging the movies out, but I love it! I think there's just something about seeing that huge Star Wars logo back on the silver screen every year again. Love it.

I can rock out pretty hardcore on the electric guitar, especially because I love Rock and Metal music the most.


Part of the year, you'll see me sport an awesome beard, because I like my face to have a built in heater while shooting birds out of the sky. It's also nice whilst sitting in negative degree weather in the deer stand.


My guilty pleasures are watching the Bachelor and the Bachelorette with my wife. There's just something so hilarious about these people battling for love on national television.


If you need me to film something for you or you just want to talk Star Wars, feel free to give me a call anytime!





We love to tell stories through films. Let us tell yours.

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